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The top priority choice of almost all Indians to immigrate is the United States. No doubt, that the country offers immense opportunities for career growth and financial stability along with the heart-warming welcoming nature for students with foreign nationals is the reason behind that.


Although there is a step-wise process to own the student visa, which might seem troublesome, The Immigrators is the easy route you can rely on for all the related information and services.


The US student visa is the premium gateway to enter the boundaries of the US for studies. It is a non-migrant visa allowing foreign nationals to pursue studies, language training programs, technical, and practical research-based training, etc.


On a particular note, an F or M student visa is necessary for students abroad to study in the US. B visa or students entering through VWP (Visa Waiver Program) are however not considered for the same. Entering the regions of the US via a tourist visa for recreational studies is also acceptable.

US Student Visa Types

M1 Visa


All the students aspiring for vocational or non-academic schools in the regions of the U.S. can apply through this route. However, these visa holders aren’t applicable of working during their study duration.


Additionally, the students applying for this visa have to present proof of all the funds including their expenses in the regions of the U.S.

J1 Visa

All international students willing to have practical training can complete their academic program in the U.S. via this route.


Additionally, this route of a student visa also allows students to acquire part-time employment limited to 20 hours per week upon permission from the exchange visitor to sponsor for the same.


F1 Visa


Students aspiring to attend regular academic or an English language program can attain this via this student visa category. It is the most common type of visa as it offers paves the way for International students holding an F1 Visa to complete their course before the expiration of their 1-20 form.


Moreover, they are also allowed a maximum of 20 hours of work per week along with the stability of their full-time student program.

US Student Visa Application Process

There are certain steps needed to be followed in order to apply for a student visa for the U.S. application.


1. Get I-20 from a SEVP-approved school: The enrollment of the candidate in a school accredited by the Student and Exchange Visitor Program of the United States is necessary before application.


On a specific note, the aspirant is required to apply to each institution as the U.S doesn’t have any centralized university. The SEVP-approved institutions can only accept enrollment and issued a form I-20 or a form DS-2020 upon acceptance of the candidate for the same.


Basically, the students eligible for an F1 or M1 international student visa are issued form I-20 and international students eligible for a J1 student visa are issued a DS-2020.


2. Online application: The DS-160 form is needed to be filled upon SEVIS fee payment. This form requires some documents to be in hand for the filling of details which will include


  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Education details 
  • Passport details
  • Travel plans 
  • All details about the family 
  • Address of the school/college/university/program as mentioned


Valid proof of these details is considered as important as these details are needed to be true to the best knowledge to avoid rejection. Also. this form must be filled out at least 3-4 months before course commencement. 


  1. Interview Round- The interview is the final step in attaining the US student visa. The interview consists of several questions that are focussed to know: 
  • The primary purpose of going is to study. 
  • The skill set.
  • The expenses affordability.
  • The post-study plans for returning. 
  • The analysis of the security and legal terms that are prone to the US.


Bonus Tip: Carry all related documents in hand which can multiply the chances of availing student visa along with the perfection of the relevance of the answers to the interview questions. The documents mainly included a passport, I-20 form, and all the other valid proofs.

US Student Visa Processing Time

AS stated interview is the final stage to avail student visa for the US, and it is also a crucial stage to determine the applicability of the candidate for the same. If the candidates get approved in an interview for the student visa then the passport will be issued in 7-10 working days.


There are most interviews that do not prolong the immediate approval of the candidate at the time of the interview. in that case, patience is the only key.

US Student Visa Application Cost

The SEVIS fee is needed to be paid at least 3 days before the application via debit or credit card, international money, cheque, or Western Union Quick Pay which is categorized as follows:


$200- FI and M1
$180- J1


Moreover, before the actual payment, the candidate must ensure that all the details must be the same as that of the I-20 or DS-2020 form.


Additionally, $160 is to be paid after submission of the DS-160 online application. This can be transferred via online mode, in person at an approved bank, or by phone which is non-refundable and non-transferable. 


Bonus Tip: Printing the receipt of the payment should be considered as it can be asked during the interview process. 

US Universities Intakes

There are mainly 3 intakes in US universities:


Spring Intake- Starts in January.
Summer Intake- Starts in May and is available for a few colleges and programs.
Fall Intake- The most common and reliable intake considered by Indians starts in September.

Top 10 U.S. Universities

There is no denial in the fact that the U.S. withstand some world-class universities. The top 10 among them which are SEVP approved are:

US Universities Eligibility

A completed application form.
Proof of completion of secondary school, English language proficiency, and financial support.
I-20 form.
Some universities offer admission with IELTS while some offer without it. In such cases, there is an alternate bridge course for students.

What Can We Do For You?

The Immigrators being active in serving thousands of students to get their student visas is constantly upheld to provide top-class services to all the customers with the following additionals:


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Further assistance in matching the visa eligibility requirements and decision for the type of visa is explicitly provided.


Creating resume and application aid – Creating an elegant, decent, and unique resume is the key. The Immigrators firmly withstand to help the aspirant to stand out from the rest by generating the resume desired by the concerned immigration authority.


Further, a one-on-one guide during the whole process of application is offered in pairs of expert knowledge, and experience.


Gathering documents and their requirement knowledge – Gathering all the required documents prior to the application process aid is been offered at excellence.


Regular guidance and post-landing services – The Immigrators believes in long-term bonds and that’s why we help in even settling in the US with the customization in our services offered by the skilled experts.

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