Quebec PNP

Quebec Provincial Nominee Program

Quebec PNP abbreviated for Quebec Provincial Nominee Program is a specially framed program for all the candidates who want to get settle in Quebec and work for its economy, owning a Canadian Pemrnant Residency, then after. 


Quebec being part of Canada hold a separate nomination program that selects candidates based on certain eligibility criteria. Quebec has numerous immigration programs that allow qualifying people to own permanent residency in Canada. The immigration system of Quebec varies from that of other provinces as the federal government has granted discretion over the rules and procedures of immigration. 


The Quebec PNP is categorized into 3 categories namely:


  1. QSWP (Quebec Skilled Worker Program)- This is the most common program among all the three. A candidate can qualify for the Quebec Skilled Worker category if they have a valid job offer in Quebec or enough points on the Quebec Selection Grid. 


This program is mainly to clog down the skilled workers to contribute to Quebec’s economy upon immigration. Candidates that follow this program with a strong intention to settle in Montreal or another city in the province of Quebec are shortlisted on the basis of different criteria set to that of the candidates who want to get settled in other regions of Canada. 


  1. PEQ (Quebec Experince Class)


  1. Business Immigration

Quebec PNP Eligibility

  1. To acquire the Quebec Selection Certificate, Skilled workers or professional applicants have to score enough and as high points as possible under the domain of the Quebec Immigration Selection System. Minimum points of 50 have to be scored to qualify for the selection stage. But the applicant with the partner or common-law/conjugal partner should be able to own 59 scores to the minimum. 

Quebec Selection System

The system follows the various mentioned programs to allot the point: 


  1. Area of training- Up to 12 points. 
  2. Age- Up to 15 points. 
  3. Children- Up to 8 points.
  4. Education- Up to 14 points (cutoff= 2 points).
  5. Financial Self-Sufficiency- Up to 1 point.
  6. Language Proficiency- Up to 22 points.
  7. Stay and Family in Quebec- Up to 8 points
  8. Spouse or Common Law Partner- Up to 17 points 
  9. Validated Job Offer- Up to10 points.
  10. Work Experince- Up to 8 points. 


Additionally, the required knowledge and proficiency in English and French language is a must. The following tests and diplomas are considered by the Ministere: 


  • The Test de Connaissance du français pour le Québec(TCF-Québec) of the Centre international d’études pédagogiques (CIEP)
  • The Test d’évaluation du français(TEF) of the CCIP-IDF
  • The Test d’évaluation du français adapté pour le Québec(TEFAQ) of the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Paris Île-de-France (CCIP-IDF)
  • The Test d’évaluation du français pour le Canada(TEF Canada) of the CCIP-IDF
  • The Diplôme d’études en langue française(DELF) of the CIEP
  • The Diplôme approfondi de langue française(DALF) of the CIEP
  • The Test de Connaissance du français(TCF) of the CIEP

Some of the important information on evaluation is listed below: 

  1. French Language Level- Level 7 (advanced intermediate) or its equivalent (level B2 of the Common European Framework of Referance for Languages) is the minimum threshold. 
  2. There is a maximum point limit of 16 for knowledge of oral and written French for the principal applicant that is bifurcated as-
  • Oral Production- 7 points
  • Oral Comprehension- 7 points
  • Written Production- 1 point
  • Oral Comprehension- 1 point
  1. For the spouse of the applicant for Oral French Knowledge
  • Oral Production- 3 points
  • Oral Comprehension- 3 points
  1. For the evaluation of English knowledge, level 5 (intermediate) of the Canadian Language Benchmarks or its equivalent is the minimum threshold from which points are awarded
  2. For principal applicants, 6 points are awards for the knowledge of oral and written English-
  • Oral Production- 2 points
  • Oral Comprehension- 2 points
  • Written Production- 2 points
  • Written Comprehension- 2 points 

Skilled Immigration Program of Quebec

Candidates aspiring to move and settle in Canada can apply through the program of Skilled Immigration of Quebec aka QSWP. The points are calculated based on qualifications considering various domains which further acts as a deciding factor to shortlist the applicants. 


This program is basically for all the skilled workers who stand firm on moving to Quebec and living there to serve its economy. The candidates fulfilling the above-mentioned ability specifications and other conditions of eligibility are admitted into this program.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Eligibility

To migrate to Quebec, the applicant must fulfill some criteria as mentioned below:

On a specific note, the complete application received for the Quebec PNP under the Programme de I’experince quebecoise usually takes 6 months of time to be processed.

Quebec PNP Application Fee

The information below shows the processing fees of the Quebec Skilled Workers/Professionals as of January 2022: 


  1. Permanent Immigration Application for a CSQ-


  • Investor- $15496 CAD
  • Entrepreneur and self-employed worker- $1080 CAD
  • Skilled worker (QSWP and Peq)- $844 CAD
  • Accompanying family member (per head)- $181 CAD
  • An employer requesting validation of permanent employment- $210 CAD


  1. Application Undertaking-


  • The principal sponsored person or the first sponsored minor- $301 CAD
  • Additional sponsored person (per head)- $120 CAD


  1. Temporary stays 


  • CAQ Application 
  • Temporary worker- $210 CAD
  • Employer posting a temporary employment offer- $210 CAD120 CAD
  • International student- $120 CAD
  • For medical treatment reasons- $120 CA


  • Immigration consultants
  • Application for recognition of an immigration consultant- $1747 CAD
  • Application for renewal of recognition of an immigration consultant- $1421 CAD


  • Comparative evaluation of studies completed outside Quebec- $126 CAD


The fess is required to be paid in the currency of Canada with no dues personally or by any third party. The fees are non-refundable, even if the application is rejected, refused, or withdrawn. 


The fee for the visa is $550 CAD and $150 CAD for the Principal Applicant and Spouse and for each kid respectively. 


Also, the right to permanent resident Fee is applicable of $490 CAD is for the Principal Applicant and Spouse. 


Additionally, there are some other fees that are to pay on instances. Medical examination, language testing, and police clearance certificate (if required) are included under the mentioned domain.

Quebec PNP Processing Time

Quebec PR is a two-stage process. 


  1. This stage is further classified into 3 sub-stages which have to be undergone by the Quebec Skilled Worker.
  • Verification of submitted documents.
  • Preliminary review.
  • Selection review. 


  1. This is a federal process including: 
  • Submission of Police Clearance 
  • Medicals
  • Visa Stamping. 

After the verification of the documents is done, it takes 12 months to process the file.

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