British Columbia PNP

How to settle in Canada as an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity to settle permanently in Canada can have a great chance to fulfill their dream through the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. British Columbuia offers a dynamic economy and a welcoming home for thousands of entrepreneurs who carry fine dreams of settlement as it presents them to build a new life of living.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program Details

  1. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program  or the British Columbia PNP is a firm route to permanent residency in Canada for people like entrepreneurs, HNI’s, and investors. It is a complete process which is transparent enough to hold your dreams high with stability in Canada. 


    This program includes the following perks:

    • The successful candidates receive a nomination under PNP and are allowed to apply for a PR status. 
    • It claims to be an easy way to get Canadian Citizenship further. 
    • Free education for children, medical care, child tax benefits for under 18 years of age of children are offered.
    • Family gets an option to be the permanent resident of the region.

Entrepreneur Immigration Program

This program consists of three streams as mentioned below:


  1. Strategic Projects Category – This stream is mainly for the fioreign companies who want to set up their operations in the province. Under this scheme, any 5 skilled foregin professional can be nominated for a PR in the provinces. Additionally, it requires the following conditions to fulfilled by the candidate: 


  • Minimum equity investment of $500000.
  • Aim of initiating or purchasing the business to expand it in BC.
  • For each foreign essential staff member, creating at least 3 new employment for Canadian citizens or permanent residents (maximum 5 key staff).

  1. Entrepreneur Immigration- Regional Pilot – This is meant for the investors who want to establish any business in the regional communities across the province. 


The eligibility requirements for the candidate for this stream are: 


  • Minimum net worth of $300000.
  • Minimum $100000 qualified business investment. 
  • At least 51% ownership in the new company.
  • At least one full-time employment for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. 
  • Level 4 of the Canadian Language in each: hearing, speaking, reading, and writing in either English or French. 


The eligibility requirements for the communities for this stream are: 


  • Population not more than 75000 people.
  • With more than the population of 75000, must be within 30 Km of a municipality.
  • Demonstrate a network of existing settlement and business support agencies to aid entrepreneurs. 


  1. Entrepreneur Immigration Category – Entrepreneurs aiming to set up the business in the province of Canada come under this scheme. The invitation under this system is point-based and applicants have to own the required funds to invest in a business. To be eligible for immigration, they should fulfill all the requirements mentioned below: 


  • Personal legitimately acquired a net worth minimum of $600000.
  • Invest at least of $200000 in a new or existing business in British Columbia that meets the criteria. 
  • Level 4 of Canadian Language in each: hearing, speaking, reading, and writing in either English or French. 
  • Experience in business and/or management.
  • Owning lawful temporary immigration status in Canada or holding the eligibility for the same. 
  • Creating at least one new full-time position for a Canadian citizen or permanent resident in the company. 

Canada Entrepreneurship Immigration Program Documents required

The british Columbia program of PNP agitates the candidate to submit a few of the documents mentioned as mandatory in the list:

What ‘The Immigrators’ can do for you?

Unlike usual PR programs, permanent residency for entrepreneurs is quite critical and might seem complex too. The immigrators constantly work to provide the expertise knowledge of the subject to ease this worrisome procedure. 


The services and support offered by ‘The Immigrators’ are:

Document checklist

Firm aid in complete application processing.

Timely updates and follow-ups.

Regular assistance in filling application forms, documentations. 

Relocation and post landing guidance and stable check-ups in Canada. 


The earned experience of ‘The Immigrators’ can ensure your success at higher rates by creating an excellent application package. Moreover, the consultants deal with individual situations to make the better analysis and decisions accordingly. 

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