UK Student Visa

The UK is one of the leading countries that invites thousands of students of foreign nationals to avail of its top-class education with a diverse range of educational degrees. This is the most valid reason why students are constantly choosing the UK to immigrate for their studies in increasing numbers. 


Moreover, the validity of the UK student visa can be extended upon certain terms and conditions of eligibility and owning a sponsor. Also, the eligibility requirements for the sponsor include the sponsor being a higher Education Institute, an overseas HEI, an independent school, or an embedded college. 


The UK student visa also allows working on Tier 4 General/ChildStudent Visa for up to 20 hours per week if the candidate is above 16 years of age and if full-time and term-time vacancy duration is maintained. Additionally, taking placements as part of the course is also acceptable. 

UK Student Visa Types

  1. Child Student Visa Tier 4 – Students between the age of 4-17 years can apply via this route for a UK student visa. The offer from a UL Educational Institution with a valid Tier 4 sponsor is however essential. It is advisable to apply for this visa type at least 3 months before the start date of the curse. 
  1. General Student Visa Tier 4 – Students above the age of 16 are eligible to apply for this visa with an offer from a UK Educational institution for a course. Consider applying at least 3 months before the start date of the course.
  1. Short-Term Study Visa – Students willing for any short-term course or training in the English language have this route of visa to apply at least 3 months prior to the traveling date. 
  1. Tier 4 General Student Visa – Students who have an offer at a UK Educational Institution with a Tier 4 Sponsor should rely on applying for this domain of the visa before the minimum time of 1 month of the course date if it’s more than 6 months. 

The application for the UK study program is to be followed only after meeting all the eligibility requirements based on the category of the visa types. It is to be noted that the government of the UK is obliged to offer better opportunities for growth for Indian students to study and work. 

UK Student Visa Application Process

There are some steps to be followed in order to acquire a student visa for the U.K. 


  1. Eligibility Confirmation – There are certain eligibility criteria that are needed to be fulfilled by the candidate in order to acquire the UK student visa. 

Proof of financial status (including funds, course fees, living expenses, etc) and a confirmation of acceptance for studies is to be provided. 


  1. Gathering all the required documents – Checking the list of the documents required and gathering them before the application process is necessary because of the compulsion on its submission. 
  1. Online application – The next crucial stage is to get registered on the official UK visa website by creating an account. Furthermore, the application form is to be filled out accompanied by its printing for the sign. 
  1. Payment – The payment for the application is acceptable via:


  • Demand Draft from any foreign or nationalized bank
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • At the visa application center
  • Online mode

5. Visa application center – Take note to book the appointment at the application center where the application will get submitted along with the required documents, photographs, fingerprints, and application fee (if chosen).

UK Student Visa Documents Required

There are several mandatory documents for the application for a UK student visa. It is therefore advised to consult the expert visa consultant in order to get the complete true information regarding the same. The list is as follows: 

UK Student Visa Processing Time

The processing time for a UK student visa is quite less. It is approximately 3-4 weeks from the time the application is lodged.

UK Student Visa Cost

The payment for the tier 4 visa can be accepted by demand draft, cash at the visa application center, and even online using the master/visa card. The fee is dependent on the type of visa and study program. 


  • 348- Tier 4 General Visa (for each dependent)
  • 6000-16000 per year- Undergraduate 
  • 10000-20000 per year- Postgraduate
  • 13000-29000 per year- Doctorate

UK Courses Intake

There are mainly 2 intakes available for the UK. 


Intake 1 – The main intake for the UK is the autumn intake when universities have the maximum available seats and relative scholarships. 

Intake 2 – The winter intake is taken by the ones who miss the autumn intake. 

UK Eligibility Requirments of the Courses

  1. Undergraduate Courses- There is a requirement of at least 13 years of education in the home country along with a minimum score of 55% in higher secondary. 


Specifically for the Higher National Diploma One to two UK A-levels, two Scottish Higher Degrees or a BTEC National Diploma or Higher National Certificate, or an international foundation year with an IELTS range of 5.5 – 6.0 is required on a primary basis.


For the Foundation Degree, one to two UK A-levels, one or two Scottish Higher Degrees or a National Diploma or an international foundation year with an IELTS range of 5.5 – 6.0 is mandatory 

Moreover, for the Diploma of Higher Education, one to two UK A-levels, two or three Scottish Higher Degrees, or an international foundation year with an IELTS range of 5.5 – 6.0 is considered. And for the Bachelor’s Degree, two or three UK A-levels, three to four Scottish Higher Degrees or a National Certificate or Diploma, or BTEC National Diploma; or an international foundation year with an IELTS range of 6.0 – 6.5 is marked as the benchmark for the eligibility.


  1. Postgraduate Courses- 

The eligibility for the various courses under this domain is as follows:


  • Master’s Degree: First or Second class under-graduation degree or premaster’s course with IELTS scores of 7.0
  • MBA: 2-3 Years of Business Experience, First Class degree with IELTS range of 6.5-7.0
  • Ph.D.: Master’s Degree with IELTS range of 6.5-7.0
  • Pre-master’s degree: An under-graduation with IELTS 5.0-5.5
  • PG Certificate/PG Diploma: An under-graduation degree or a pre-masters course with an IELTS score of 6.5-7.0
  1. Pre-university Professional Courses- 
  • AS/A-levels: General high school education equivalent to five GCSEs grades A-C, with IELTS range from 4.5-5.0
  • BTEC National Diploma: High school education equivalent to four GCSEs grades A-C, with an IELTS range of 4.5-5.0
  • Foundation Degree: One or two UK A-levels, two or three Scottish Highers or a BTEC National Diploma, or an international foundation year with an IELTS range of 5.5-6.0
  • Higher National Diploma(HND): One or two UK A-levels, two or three Scottish Highers or a BTEC National Diploma or an international foundation year with an IELTS range of 5.5-6.0
  • International Foundation Year: Twelve years of school education or equal in your own country, with an IELTS range of 4.5-5.0
  • Scottish Higher/Advanced Higher: General high school equivalent to six Standard Grade qualifications grades 1-3, with an IELTS range of 4.5-5.0

Top 10 UK Institutions

The UK is bunched with world-class universities which are ranked in the top 60 in the world rankings of universities.

Top 10 Study Courses in the UK

Based on the study of 2017-18, the priority courses chosen by the students in that year are:

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