Spain Student Visa

Spain has become one of the most preferred destinations for studies by international students in recent years due to its massive nature in establishing some prestigious colleges and universities. 


All the non-EU nation students are required to own a student visa in order to enter the regions of Spain to avail of quality education. The ideal time to apply for the student visa is considered to be at least 3 months prior to the start date of the program. 

Spain Student Visa

  1. Spain student visa is the premium gateway to encounter the universities of Spain for higher studies. The visa type will be however dependent on the type of the program and its duration. 


    • 180-day D-type visa: 3-6 months of course duration.
    • Student Visa (Type D): more than 6 months of course duration. 


    Moreover, the D-type visa paves the way for TIE aka Residence Card, which is a temporary permit to stay in the regions of Spain for the duration of the course. TIE holds validity for a maximum of one academic year and can be renewed every year till the completion of the course. 


    On a surprising note, one is not allowed to have a student visa for a shorter stay. However, a visa from the home country is only allowed. The type of visa is also restricted to be changed once one arrives in Spain on a student visa. 


    Additionally, students from non-EU countries are allowed to work part-time during their course and full-time to work in Spain. Non-EU/EEA students have to fulfil the below mentioned requirements in order to work in Spain: 


    • Application of work permit (by the employer).
    • Own a secondary source of financial aid. 
    • Only three months of full time is allowed at a time but not during the university term time. 

Spain Student Visa Documents Required

There are some basic documents and requirements of Spain in order to avail of a student visa. Those are mentioned below:

Although Spanish is not the primary requirement to study in Spain, it will definitely be beneficial to learn in the longer run. Some universities have programs in Spanish language and that’s why it will definitely be the greatest perkn as passing the Spanish test is necessary. DELE abbreviated for Diploma de Espanol Como Lengua Extranjera is the test that is mainly accepted. 

However, the IELTS or Cambridge Advanced test is necessary for English proficiency.

How to Apply for a Spanish Student Visa?

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