Singapore Student Visa

Being the best hub for career growth opportunities, Singapore is one of the leading choices of international students who aspire to settle abroad with a better pace of stability. The major credit can be given to the top priority of the citizens and the ministry of education of the country, which is education. 


However, students of foreign nationals will require student visas to enter the regions of Singapore to avail of top-class education. The validity period of any acceptance letter would be 2 weeks and therefore to apply for a visa, one must be prompt enough just after receiving the acceptance letter. 


The visa application is exclusively done at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority abbreviated as the ICA of Singapore. There is also a route of online application which is termed SOLAR standing for Student’s Pass Online Application and Registration.

Why Singapore?

  1. Singapore often called the Lion City owns endless world-class universities with amazing infrastructure and practical opportunities for overall growth. The government of Singapore has always prioritized education along with its quality which is why it possesses outstanding facilities in several fields and programs. 


    Moreover, The Service Obligation Scheme allows getting the costs at a subsidized rate. In the pair, the transport facilities and food are also within budget.


    On an amusing note, the official language here for education is English which is globally accepted and therefore students of foreign nationals find it easy to settle and adjust to the rejuvenating environment and its culture holding a wide range of Asian Cultures including Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, and Chinese cultures. 


    The expenses of education are quite affordable as Singapore offers diverse provisions of scholarships. Additionally, travel expenses to almost all Asian countries are affordable and accessible from Singapore. It stands as an asset for studies, traveling, work, etc PAN Asia which is an immense advantage being offered. 


    The greatest perk Singapore offers is the allowance to work even while studying which automatically multiplies the chances of a stable job in Singapore itself, as it is a hub for several multinational companies. 


    Not only this, but after getting an e-pass the student is eligible to apply for permanent residence in the country after an approximate minimum earning of SGD 3000 a month. Although it may take 73 days of processing time.

Singapore Student Visa Annual Intake

There is an annual intake in Singapore that broadly starts from December to March for international students to apply. 

Singapore Student Visa Eligibility

Singapore has set some of the eligibility criteria for the students based on the universities and courses which are to be checked before applying for the student visa. Some of the basic guidelines are as follows:

The eligible applicants will be presented with a letter called ‘In Principal Approval’ issued by ICA which contains a visa to enter Singapore.

Singapore Student Visa Documents Required

Some of the basic and mandatory documents required by Singapore to grant a Student Visa are:

How to apply for Singapore Student Visa?

To apply for Singapore Student Visa, there is no involvement of rigid steps. A series of 3 easy steps is all one needs to follow to avail the same. 


  1. Analysis and Decision – Deciding on the appropriate colleges, courses, programs, and universities is the first crucial stage when aspiring to study in Singapore. 
  1. Application for College / Univerity / Programs – After completing the first step, an application for the specific college is to be made which is explicitly done on the basis of academic excellence. 


The college or university will provide approval after which the process the visa can be greatly initiated. 


3. Application for Student’s Pass or Study Visa – The student pass commonly known as a student visa is the entry pass to enter Singapore for study purposes. This will allow the stay in Singapore for the duration of the course.

Singapore Study Cost

The expenses of study in Singapore totally depend on the university chosen and the type of program. 


However, on a broader note, it can be taken as SGD 35000 for tuition, SGD 200-1500 for accommodation, SGD 200-450 for food, and SGD 40-100 for transport.

Singapore Study Scholarships

  1. Singapore withstands numerous agencies and institutions that offer various scholarships based on the skill set of the candidate. There is a subsidy scheme that automatically lowes down the tuition fee to a certain extent called ‘Service Obligation’ that covers working in Singapore for at least 3 years after completing the studies.

Top Courses in Singapore

The best courses offered by Singapore to all international students are:

Some of the Singapore-based universities allow admission without IELTS. But there is a process to encounter the same. 


All the students who have completed 13 years of formal education in their home county are eligible for the same by doing a foundation course called ‘University Foundation Course’, containing 2 modules. This program extremely helps students to get into graduate courses and achieve all the linguistic skills. The course may bes 6, 9, or 11 months long depending upon the capability of the student.

Top 10 Universities of Singapore

Being the best hub for several multinational companies, Singapore also withstands some of the outstanding universities which are mentioned below: 

What can we do for you?

The Immigrators being active in serving thousands of students to get their student visas is constantly upheld to provide top-class services to all the customers with the following additionals:


Aid in profile generation and evaluation – The first and best impression is curated by the profile. The Immigrators firmly believe on this assists the candidate to create a unique profile on the basis of the analysis of the profile history. 


Further assistance in matching the visa eligibility requirements and decision for the type of visa is explicitly provided. 


Creating resume and application aid – Creating an elegant, decent, and unique resume is the key. The Immigrators firmly withstand to help the aspirant to stand out from the rest by generating the resume desired by the concerned immigration authority. 


Further, a one-on-one guide during the whole process of application is offered in pairs of expert knowledge, and experience. 


Gathering documents and their requirement knowledge – Gathering all the required documents prior to the application process aid is been offered at excellence. 


Regular guidance and post-landing services – The Immigrators believes in long-term bonds and that’s why we help in even settling in the US with the customization in our services offered by the skilled experts. 

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