New Zealand Student Visa

The one halt for the cleanest lakes and beautiful serenity, New Zealand is one of the best hubs of career opportunities and stability.


The top courses provided by the universities of New Zealand highly include computer science, information technology, animation, etc. Specifically for Indians, animation, engineering, art and design, agriculture, nursing, business management, medicine and hospitality, trades, and sports management are a few of the courses that are proven to be excellent.


To encounter the regions of New Zealand one needs to own a student visa of New Zealand for a long term or at least 3 months. The maximum validity of the NZ student visa is 5 years. However, one can stay in New Zealand after studying for at least 3 years for working on certain qualifications.


Candidates aspiring to work in New Zealand after study can opt for either Post Study Work Visa Open or Post Study Work Visa Employer-assisted. After this, getting a PR visa in NZ becomes quite easy especially when the job is listed under the skilled jobs of shortage.

Why New Zealand?

New Zealand is well known for its quality education system which strives to provide a diverse range of options for career growth and stability. With a few eligibility requirements and minimal chances of visa request rejection, it is one of the top choices for international students.


The easy visa process and allowance of work during study duration with ample choices of research-based programs are some other perks offered by New Zealand. Surplus scholarship programs in pair of a safe and secure environment are a great asset to multiply the living standard of the students.


Additionally, the greatest of the greater perk of New Zealand is the opportunity to avail of permanent residency. Also, travel to and from NZ is much more accessible and affordable.

New Zealand Student Visa Eligibility

To get a student visa for New Zealand one needs to fulfill the mentioned requirements. 


  1. Any one of the proficiency tests of English among IELTS (5.5 for graduation and 6.0 in master’s), TOEFL (80 for graduation and 90 in master’s), PTE (50 for graduation and 64 in master’s).
  1. For any undergraduate courses one needs to acquire elementary and secondary education, 60% in English subjects in higher elementary, overall 75% or more, science as the mandatory subject for technology courses, qualifying scores of IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE. 
  1. Qualifying scores of IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE along with some work experience in the case of MBA and IT-related programs is a necessity for postgraduate degree programs. 

It is to be noted that these benchmarks may vary according to various factors. It is therefore advised to check the updates for the same or consult the expert consultant for up-to-date and true information.

New Zealand Student Visa Documents Required

To avail New Zealand student visa, one needs to gather all the documents in order to present for verification. The list is as follows:

How to apply for New Zealand Student Visa?

There is a simple series of steps to be followed in order to acquire a student visa to New Zealand. Those steps are: 


  1. Check eligibility and document requirements – Before applying for the student visa, checking for all the necessities should be considered. Also, gathering all the documents needed before enough benchmark time would prove to be beneficial. 
  1. Filling and submitting the application – New Zealand has given the liberty of an online application form for which submitting the physical copy of the passport and application dorm to the Embassy is required. 
  1. Approval of the visa – To support the visa, some specific information along with the documents is required. The process of assessing the application starts immediately after its submission. Waiting for the process is however another stage of getting it. 

New Zealand Study Program Fees

The cost of study programs in New Zealand varies according to the programs. On a broader note, $15000-$35000 per annum is for undergraduate courses, $20000-$40000 per annum is for post-graduate, and $14000-$37000 per annum is for a doctoral degree as tuition fees in New Zealand. 


Additionally, the amount of 330 NZD is to be paid as the application fee which will highly include processing of the application, levy charge of tourism and immigration, and international visitor conservation charge. 

Top Universities in New Zealand

The top universities of New Zealand hold their place in the top 400 QS world rankings which is why students of foreign national have New Zealand as their top priority of choices. Some of the universities include:

US Universities Eligibility

A completed application form.
Proof of completion of secondary school, English language proficiency, and financial support.
I-20 form.
Some universities offer admission with IELTS while some offer without it. In such cases, there is an alternate bridge course for students.

What Can We Do For You?

The Immigrators being active in serving thousands of students to get their student visas is constantly upheld to provide top-class services to all the customers with the following additionals:


Aid in profile generation and evaluation – The first and best impression is curated by the profile. The Immigrators firmly believe on this assists the candidate to create a unique profile on the basis of the analysis of the profile history.


Further assistance in matching the visa eligibility requirements and decision for the type of visa is explicitly provided.


Creating resume and application aid – Creating an elegant, decent, and unique resume is the key. The Immigrators firmly withstand to help the aspirant to stand out from the rest by generating the resume desired by the concerned immigration authority.


Further, a one-on-one guide during the whole process of application is offered in pairs of expert knowledge, and experience.


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Regular guidance and post-landing services – The Immigrators believes in long-term bonds and that’s why we help in even settling in the US with the customization in our services offered by the skilled experts.

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