Netherland Student Visa

The European country often called Holland consists of some charming routing canals forming the concentric bells around Amsterdam, the capital. One of the most prioritized countries for all international students beholds the position on the northwestern side of the continent. 


There is no denying that the Netherlands is one of the best places to immigrate for studies as it offers less expensive education with the excellent quality compared to Australia, the US, and the Uk. 


The education system of the Netherlands is placed in the top position due to its uncompromising nature in presenting the students with world-class facilities justifying its world-renowned education system. 

Why the Netherlands?

  1. The Netherlands can prove to be one of the best choices for students aspiring to acquire higher studies abroad due to several reasons. 


    It was the first-ever country to introduce its courses and programs in the language of English which makes the learning and understanding process of foreign students much easier and more effective. 


    There are numerous universities in the top rankings of the world as the universities here are considered on the basis of their accreditation and other elements pertaining to quality over everything. The immense library system, food, travel, and other top-quality infrastructure are other reasons why students rely on this destination. 


    Moreover, the Netherlands offers decent sponsorships and several options to avail it which makes it a favorable concern for international students.


    Holland offers the option of permanent residency after studies in the country for five consecutive years with zero criminal records paired with a good income. The candidate aspiring for the same can apply via the official website after confirming the eligibility even online. However, speaking Dutch and familiarity with their culture are the basic pointers.

Netherlands Intakes

There are mainly two intakes in the regions of the Netherlands. 


  1. Autumn Intake – The primary intake starts in September and is applicable to all the students of the foreign nationals. This intake primarily follows the ‘first come, first take; rule and that is why starting with the application at least 3 months prior is the real key to ensuring the seat. 

2. Winter Intake – The secondary intake initiates in February and does not hold many courses for the students when compared to the intake in autumn. This intake follows a cycle that takes almost a year for all of its stages starting from February.

Netherlands Student Visa Documents Required

Netherlands jas different provisions for international students based on the nation they belong to. For some applying for MVV (entry visa) as well as VRV (residence permit) is mandatory while for students belonging to Australia, Canada, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Monaco, the USA, and the Vatican City these are not mandatory. 


However, if the stay duration is not more than 90 days then the aspirant can easily stay in the Netherlands using a short-stay visa or Schengen visa. 


Some of the basic documents required for the same are

Netherlands Admission Requirement

Netherlands has set some of the basic requirements to be fulfilled via the candidates in order to get admission to its prestigious universities. That mainly includes a residence permit, student visa, and proof of English proficiency or compulsion to sit in the English language test (IELTS, TOEFL, etc). 


Additionally, students must also own medical reports and certificates with insurance. On a specific note, non-EU, non-EEA, or Switzerland citizens have to own health insurance cards. 


Moreover, the English proficiency test is compulsory but specifically, IELTS is not important for the universities of the Netherlands because it totally depends on the universities you choose for your studies.

Netherlands Student Visa Application Process

To get into the Netherlands for higher studies for a student visa (MVV), one need not go through the lengthy and complicated process, rather a series of simple steps is enough.

Bonus Tip: Seek help from an expert consultant for true and updated knowledge about the requirements and stiff and planned action to gather them effortlessly.

The Netherlands Study Cost

The expenses of education are quite high, however, it totally depends on the nationality of the student and the university and program one chooses. 


  1. Bachelor’s Degree – 6000-15000 Euros per annum for all the non-EU and non-EEA students for tuition fees in public universities. 
  1. Master’s Degree – 8000-20000 Euros per annum.


Additionally, for all the private universities the budget may get released up to 30000 Euros per annum. 


Moreover, the monthly additional cost might be in the range of 180 for food, 50 for study materials, 350-800 for rent, 80 for health insurance, and 100 for other purposes. In summation, the monthly expenditure can expand up to 1000-14000 Euros depending on the region.

Netherlands Scholarships

  1. The Netherlands provide numerous financial aid option to sponsorship to aspiring students on the basis of their skill set. Some of them are Erasmus+, Holland Scholarship, Mena Scholarship Programmer, MN Future Matters Scholarship, Orange Knowledge Programme, Orange Tulip Scholarship Programme, Sino-Dutch Scholarship, StuNed Scholarship, The Desmond Forts Scholarship.

Top Universities of the Netherlands

The Netherlands beholds some finest sets of universities offering all the perks to the students of foreign nationals. Some of them are listed below:

What Can We Do For You?

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