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The top-quality living standards, endless top-class degrees, and non-tuition fees for foreign nationals offered by Germany magnetize students across the world. Almost 400,000 students are currently studying in Germany with a firm of availing better career and growth opportunities. 


Indian students opting for Germany as their halt for growth has increased rapidly in recent years. This made India to rose from 4th position to 2nd position in the ranking under the ‘international student list’ in Germany in 2022. The reason simply lies in the quality settlement presented by Germany. 


This article is deliberately intended to discuss the student visa for Germany and will surface the process of availing it in an easy manner.

Why to migrate Germany for studies?

  1. There is no denial in the fact that Germany offers surplus benefits to students which is why the number of student immigrants is increasing rapidly. 

    1. Tuition-Free – Public universities of Germany take the golden chance to offer free education to local as well as international students for various degrees and programs. 

    1. World-class infrastructure and facilities – The universities of Germany are leaning towards providing top-class infrastructural facilities to all the students to create a healthy and competitive environment for them. 

    1. Better settlement opportunities – The reason why Indians are giving priority to Germany for immigration is that it offers a surplus of growing and establishing opportunities like no other. 

German Student Visa

The German student visa is a required official document to migrate to the country as a student. The validity of this visa for Germany is however up to 4 years but can be extended to certain limits under various terms and conditions. 


The validity of the student visa and its extension widely depends on the type of course being opted for and the guidelines. Also. the German Student can use the golden opportunity of being a permanent resident of the country through the student visa upon application. 


Germany also allows opting for different student visa programs based on the interested degrees, and qualifications. 


  1. German Student Visa – This visa program is a preferred choice for international students aiming to get admission and study in German Universities with a ready mindset for a full-time course. 
  1. German Student Applicant Visa – This visa program is for all those international students who have a firm plan to apply for German Universities in person. The visa prohibits studying in Germany and will be valid for processing the application with the university. 

Top 10 Universities in Germany

Germany is one-halt for students who are seeking some out-of-the-box development. There are many high-quality universities in the countries, among which the top 10 universities according to QS rankings are enlisted below:

Documents Required for a German Student Visa

Germany has made some of the documents mandatory to be submitted by the student via application while requesting the student visa. The documents required can be categorized as follows-


For visa application 


  1. Passport and its photocopies with required validity.
  2. Birth certificate (both of the migrating student and for dependent children if applicable).
  3. Marriage certificate (if applicable).
  4. Recent photographs.
  5. Duly filled, completed, and signed national visa application. 
For University admission approval


  1. Academic certificates (10, 12, diploma, etc).
  2. Proof of language courses and proficiency (English/German) along with the 3-months fee proof. 
  3. Health insurance. 
  4. Admission certificates ‘Zulassungsbeschied’ (in German).
  5. Conditional Admission Certificate: ‘Bedingter Zulassungsbeschied’ (in German).
  6. Confirmed Intensive Course: ‘Intensiv-Sprachkurs’ (in German). 
Financial proofs (Finanzierungsnachweis)


  1. Scholarships Certificates.
  2. Recommendation Letter from German Resident ‘Verpflichtungserklarung’ (in German).
  3. Bank Guarantee from any of the recognized banks of Germany.
  4. Fund proof for parents including income and financial assets. 

HZB and its Importance for German Student Visa

HZB or Hochschulzugangsberechtigung; is one of the important documents required for the German Student Visa. It is also known as the University Entrance Qualification which has to be undergone while taking admission to any of the universities in Germany. 


By qualifying for this test, you will be equivalent to the HZB which is however only relevant by qualifying the admission requirements as set by the German Universities. 

Languages Test For German Student Visa

Languages proficiency is another mandatory task for all non-EU International Students in the language of English and Germany. There are various valid tests for each of these languages that require the student to qualify with a definite benchmark. 


Some of the certificates of the tests accepted by most German Universities are as follows:


  1. Assessment Test – On completion of the institutional preparatory classes, it is received. 
  1. DSD Certificate Level II – The language diploma of the permanent conference of ministries for cultural affairs, level II, and education fall under this category. 
  1. DSH Certificate II or III – It is a test of the German Language pertaining admission of Foreign Student Applicants. 
  1. Goethe Certificate C2 – Goethe Test of Level C2 is to be qualified for this. 
  1. Test Daf Level IV – It is availed by qualifying the test of German Language as a foreign language for foreign students in all sections. 
  1. TelcDeutsch C1/B2 Hochschule Certificate – On passing Telc C1 or B2, this can be obtained. 


For English Language Proficiency: 


  1. TOEFL Test – The score of IbT-88, Pbt-66 is needed to qualify for this test. 
  1. IELTS Test – The minimum score of 6-5 is a compulsory requirement for this test. 


On a clear note, some German Universities have their regional proficiency tests as a requirement. It is therefore advised to know the relative tests and requirements of the universities on a prior basis.

Documents for German Residence Permit in Studies

  1. Applying for a residence permit in studies in Germany requires some important documents to be submitted and verified. Track down the list of those documents.

    1. Passport with proper validity.
    2. Confirmation of the admission in education section in any of the German Universities. 
    3. Permission to start the education of the German University Entrance Qualification.
    4. Recent photographs.
    5. Health insurance.
    6. Certificates and proofs of enrollment, conditional admission in education, confirmation of admission. 
    7. Rental contract with the residence owner.
    8. Address confirmation letter issued by the landlord of the place. 
    9. Fee payment receipts of the application (the cost for first-time applications and extension of residence permit widely ranges from 56-100 Euros and 49-96 Euros, respectively).

    On a helpful note, the International Office of the University, ‘Akademisches Auslandsamt’, is of great aid in extracting education and residence.

Steps to apply for the German Student Visa

Student Visa for Germany doesn’t involve any royal process to be followed. It only requires a few of the easy serial steps that are mentioned below: 

Cost of Generating a German Student Visa

The Germany Student Visa costs 75 while the expenses of the Residence Permit are 110.

German Student Visa Processing Time

The processing time for availing of the German Student Visa totally depends on the place you are visiting along with the Embassy you have chosen. 


On average, it may take up to 25 days. Thus, you are advised to consult with your guide for the same. 

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