France Student Visa

France is one of the countries that offer surplus study programs with more than 3500 higher education institutions and is working as a magnet to attract students of foreign nationals across the globe. The programs in France offer a decent number of study levels with unique disciplines teaching Engineering, management, tourism, business, culinary arts, hotel management, etc. 


France has always been supportive of entrepreneurs by providing them with a bunch of opportunities for growth and stability. It offers exceptional R$D opportunities along with some amazing career prospects post-studies. 


Moreover, the government of France has always considered quality education which is why they have subsidized a vast share of the tuition cost-minimizing the study cost in the public universities. The laws also allow students of foreign nationals to work for 964 hours a year on a student visa or 60% of the regular working hours in France. 

France Intakes

  1. The two main intakes of France are categorized as follows: 


    1. Summer – The major intake starts in October. 
    2. Winter – It is applicable only for a few of the courses and starts in April. 


    It is to be highly noted that the deadlines for the different types of courses vary as per the wide range. 

France Student Visa Eligibility

France has set some of the basic requirements for the students aspiring for higher studies in its regions.


  • Age of 18 years or above.
  • For any course of up to 3 months of duration, the provision of a short-stay visa is highly set. 
  • A temporary long-stay visa is provisioned to be issued for the 3-6 months duration of the course with no formalities on the arrival in France. 
  • Certain formalities have to be fulfilled on the arrival in France if the duration of the course is more than 6 months. 


On a specific note, the dependent will be issued a long-stay visa that is equivalent to a residence permit subjected to formalities thereafter. 

France Student Visa Requirements

France Student Visa Guide

After receiving the appropriate approval from the France university the aspiring candidate can apply for a student visa for the same. 


Consulting the French consulate in the home country is the initial stage which will be then followed up with: 


  • Official acceptance letter for an accredited program.
  • Proof of funds, return ticket, health insurance, accommodation, etc.


Additionally, in the case of the French course being chosen, French proficiency is needed to be proven.

France Study Cost

The tuition fees of international students totally depend on the type of university and courses chosen along with the major factor of nationality with respect to EU and non-EU countries.

France Post-study Guide

Students pursuing their bachelor’s degree can stay in France further only if they have some sort of work and stability. Students pursuing master’s can apply and receive a temporary residency permit termed APS- Autorisation Provision de Sejour for 24 months duration. 


Moreover, a 2-years Schengen visa extension can be requested in case of a master’s, Ph.D., or any post-graduate degree from a French university. To obtain European Union Blue Card one needs to behold the work paying at least 1.5 times the minimum salary to first get the work permit.

Top Courses in France

  1. The top courses offered by France are mainly Btech and MBA along with some other Bachelors and Masters courses. 

Top Universities in France

It is no surprise that the top 20 universities of France have ranked in the 500 global rankings recognized by QS. the list of a few of the top universities is mentioned below.

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